• Showroom shine in minutes
  • Simply spray on & wipe off
  • No hard rubbing or buffing

ARMOR ALL® Spray-On Shine is the fast and easy way to achieve a showroom shine without hard rubbing or buffing. It locks in a brilliant long lasting shine and blocks out the damaging environmental elements that make paintwork look old and dull.

For Best Results: Apply in the shade to a clean, dry, cool vehicle. Do not use if paintwork is already dull, faded or in poor condition.


  1. Wash and chamois dry vehicle.
  2. Shake bottle well.
  3. Fold a clean, dry soft cotton cloth to make a pad. Spray on one side with product until damp.
  4. Spray product onto a small section of the vehicle at a time (approx. 1sqm).
  5. With the damp side of the cloth, lightly and evenly wipe over the area.
  6. With the dry side of the cloth, wipe until smooth and shiny. Continued wiping with another dry soft cotton cloth will eliminate any streaks.


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