• Super soft and clear coat safe
  • Made from microfiber material
  • Reduces buffing time
  • Non-scratching
  • Gently removes product residue, dirt and grime

The ARMOR ALL® Polishing Cloth is clear coat safe, non-scratching and reduces buffing time. Made from microfibre material, it gently lifts and traps product residue, dust and grime, making it easy to use and ideal for exterior clear coat finishes.

For best results: Polish your car away from direct sunlight, do not apply polish to a hot surface. Ensure that your car is clean and dry before polishing. Treat only a small area at a time with overlapping circular motions. Ensure your ARMOR ALL® Polishing Cloth is thoroughly cleaned and free of contaminants before use.


  1. Fold Cloth into quarters.
  2. Wipe off ARMOR ALL® wax product using light to medium pressure in a circular motion.
  3. Turn to clean portion of Cloth when wipe-off becomes slow or surface remains smeared.

Wash soiled ARMOR ALL® Polishing Cloth in hot water. Do not use fabric softener or bleach. Do not tumble dry.

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