Heavy Duty Wash

Available in 1ltr and 5ltr

  • Removes bugs, tar & tough road grime
  • Super concentrated formula removes tough dirt
  • Safe for all paint surfaces

The dual action formula of ARMOR ALL® Heavy Duty Car Wash offers superior cleaning compared to ordinary washes ensuring even the toughest dirt is easily cleaned away. Applied full strength, the formula removes bugs, road tar, tree sap and bird droppings. Diluted with water, the formula cleans away dirt and grime.

For Best Results: Wash car in the shade and rinse sponge regularly with clean water to remove dirt and to avoid scratching.

Directions to remove spots and stains

  1. Apply undiluted product directly onto spots or use a sponge.
  2. Let penetrate for 3-5 minutes.
  3. Wash, rinse and dry area.

Directions to wash car

  1. Rinse car with water to remove excess dirt and grime.
  2. Pour 30ml (3 caps) into a bucket for a regular wash, or 60ml (6 caps) for a heavy duty wash and mix thoroughly with water.
  3. Wash car in sections with a sponge, cloth or towel.
  4. Rinse car after cleaning each section.
  5. Chamois dry.

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