Vanilla Lavender Membrane

  • Made with essential oil blends.
  • Lasts up to 30 days


  1. Pull the silver tab down to activate
  2. Pull clip up to a horizontal position
  3. Place vent clip directly onto one air vent blade

INSTALL: Do not install near cigarette lighter or ashtray. If air freshener is damaged and liquid fragrance spills, remove and clean the surface immediately to avoid damage to surface.

Keep unit upright at all times. Do not let liquid fragrance come into contact with vehicle surfaces as this can cause damage. Do not remove or puncture liquid membrane that controls the fragrance release.

Avoid contact with eyes. People with skin allergies should avoid contact with this product. Use only as directed. If swallowed or irritation persists, contact a doctor. Keep away from heat and flames.

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View Material Safety Data Sheet (Australia)View Material Safety Data Sheet (New Zealand)