Available in Regular and Jumbo Sizes

  • Ultra-absorbent synthetic chamois
  • Glides easily over paint & glass for fast-drying

The ARMOR ALL® Chamois with a unique honeycomb surface enables you to glide easily over wet surfaces without sticking to your car’s glass or paintwork.

For best results: Chamois needs to be used a few times before it is fully conditioned. If chamois dries out becoming hard, soak in cold water before use to restore softness.


  1. Before each use rinse your chamois in cold water and wring out excess, leaving it moist.
  2. For best results, instead of using a rubbing action to chamois your car, open the chamois to full size and place (honeycomb side down) flat on the surface, lift the front two corners and pull in a straight line towards you.
  3. Wring out chamois as it becomes saturated.
  4. After you chamois your car, rinse chamois with water and wring out excess.
  5. Always store your chamois moist in this container.

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