• Blue foam easily removes bug & tar from car surfaces
  • Yellow sponge for regular washing

ARMOR ALL® Bug & Tar Sponge has an easy grip design making it ideal for cleaning your car.

ARMOR ALL® DETAILING Tip: To avoid permanent clear coat damage, remove stains immediately using ARMOR ALL® Bug & Tar Remover.


  1. Rinse vehicle with water to remove and loosen dirt and grime.
  2. Rinse sponge prior to use.
  3. Submerge sponge in car wash.
  4. Wipe vehicle surface in gentle circular motion.
  5. Repeat until car has been completely clean.
  6. Rinse car after cleaning each section.

ATTENTION: Use only as directed. DO NOT USE on cracked, peeling or damaged paint work. Whilst washing your vehicle, regularly rinse ARMOR ALL® Bug & Tar Sponge in a bucket to avoid scratching paintwork.

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