Product Questions

Car Wash

Q: Which wash product do I use for my car?

A: ARMOR ALL® Car Wash is ideal for consumers wanting an effective clean with a streak free shine. It has been formulated to clean away dirt, grime and road film from painted surfaces of your car. For those consumers looking for a convenient and time saving car wash, ARMOR ALL® Wash & Wax combines carnauba wax with a quality wash to ensure paintwork protection and shine. ARMOR ALL® New Car Gel is the perfect wash for new cars. Its rich gel formula ensures that it gently lifts loose dirt and road grime from painted surfaces without stripping the protective coating. If your car is heavily soiled with dirt and grime built up, use ARMOR ALL® Heavy Duty Car Wash, its specially formulated to offer superior cleaning compared to ordinary washes, ensuring the toughest dirt is easily cleaned away.

Q: Why is it important to wash my car?

A: In addition to keeping your car looking great, regular washing removes soils such as bird droppings, bugs, and pollution that can damage your car's finish.

Q: What's the best way to get my car clean without harming the paint?

A: The first step in paint care is removing loose dirt with a good car wash. Avoid dishwashing detergents, which may strip wax and can leave a film on the surface, making it difficult for a protective coating to adhere to the paint. Instead, use a specialist car wash solution, like ARMOR ALL® Car Wash, ARMOR ALL® Wash & Wax, ARMOR ALL® Heavy Duty Car Wash or for a gel formula try ARMOR ALL® New Car Gel.


Q: What should I use to clean my car's non-painted surfaces?

A: When cleaning the bumpers, grill and other non-painted surfaces, use ARMOR ALL® Multi Purpose Cleaner, which is formulated to remove tough, ground-in dirt without fading delicate surfaces. Before use, read precautions on product label.

Q: What causes the haze I often notice on the inside of my windscreen?

A: The haze is caused by "Plasticizers" - chemicals found naturally in dashboard vinyls - which evaporate onto the windscreen above, especially on hot days. To remove the haze use ARMOR ALL® Glass Cleaner, which is specially formulated to remove the films and residue that can collect on automotive glass.

Q: How can I clean ground-in dirt and grease stains from the interior of my car?

A: ARMOR ALL® Multi Purpose Cleaner is the easiest way to clean ground-in dirt and grease from seats, carpeted floor mats and other fabric surfaces. Its cleaning action is specially formulated with grease cutters and stain lifters to quickly and effectively clean tough automotive stains.


Q: How do I avoid getting ARMOR ALL® Protectant on my windows when I'm protecting my car's interior?

A: To avoid over spray of ARMOR ALL® Protectant onto glass, spray directly onto a cloth (cotton & terry cloth work best) and wipe. Another great option for touch ups or avoiding over spray is ARMOR ALL® Protectant Wipes.

Q: Once I use ARMOR ALL® Protectant, do I have to use it as long as I have the car?

A: No. Regular use of ARMOR ALL® Protectant will help to keep the surface looking like new; but it is impossible for vinyl, rubber or plastic to become "addicted" to Protectant. So discontinuing use will not harm the surfaces. The surface is simply unprotected.

Q: How can I protect my dash without leaving a glossy shine?

A: Wipe the surface with a damp cloth after applying ARMOR ALL® Original Protectant, or use ARMOR ALL® New Car Protectant, which cleans and conditions with a low shine finish.  

Q: If the vinyl, plastic or rubber surfaces inside my car are already faded or cracked, will protectant help?

A: While regular use of ARMOR ALL® Protectant can help forestall additional deterioration and improve appearance, it won't repair the existing damage.

Q: How can I protect my cars expensive leather interior?

A: To quickly and easily clean and protect a leather interior, use ARMOR ALL® Protectant Leather, which cleans, conditions, preserves and moisturizes leather in one step.

Q: It's been rumoured that protectants cause your dash to crack. Is this true?

A: This is NOT true. Protectants can help protect your car from the elements that can cause your dash to fade and your tyres to crack. Surfaces can't become "addicted" to protectants, and damage is a result of neglect, not use. Using a protectant regularly - especially one with UV protection - can help keep your dash looking great for years.

Wax & Polish

Q: Why do I even need to protect the paint? Isn't it tough enough?

A: Definitely not! Your car's paint is sort of like your skin - it's tough, but it still needs help, which is why we have products like sunscreen and bandages. A crack in a car's paint can allow moisture, salt, sand and cinders to erode the finish, eventually leading to rusting. Also, environmental elements cause car paint to oxidize and turn dull. ARMOR ALL® High Performance Wax & Polish contains extreme endurance waxes including carnauba wax, which penetrate and bond with your car's surface for a high shine and long lasting protection. ARMOR ALL® Spray On Shine also protects and shines paint finishes similar to a wax. Just spray it on and wipe it off quickly and easily.

Q: How does ARMOR ALL® High Performance Wax & Polish enhance and deepen colour?

A: After completing its cleaning and polishing action residual polish is buffed away. What is left is a thin layer of polymers and Carnauba wax. At this thickness these ingredients serve to add additional smoothness, improving paint reflectivity and depth of colour yet they are also ultra-clear and allow the true colour to shine through.

Q: Does a clear coat finish protect the paint forever?

A: While a clear coat slows the rate at which paint oxidizes, it does not completely stop it - which means you still need to protect the finish with ARMOR ALL® High Performance Wax & Polish, which is clear coat safe.

Q: How long will waxing last?

A: Wax durability depends on many factors. Primary among these is the local climate, heavy rain or dust, which all tend to wear down the wax film. Washing habits also affect wax with frequent washing speeding up wax breakdown. However, wax contains two leading durability ingredients that will protect your cars paintwork for many months. When your car's paintwork becomes rough to touch and doesn't bead water, its time to re-apply ARMOR ALL® High Performance Wax & Polish.

Wheels & Tyre Care

Q: How can I remove the "caked-on," black dirt that collects on my wheels?

A: Along with road dirt, what you are seeing is accumulated brake dust. The old method for removal usually involved scrubbing for hours with a toothbrush. Today, you can use ARMOR ALL® Wheel Cleaner, which safely loosens brake dust and wheel soil on most types of wheels, allowing it to be rinsed away with a spray of your hose. Before use, read precautions on product label.

Q: Why do my tyres turn brown?

A: Tyres are made with protective ingredients called "anti-ozonants" that fight environmental attacks to the rubber. During hot, smoggy days, these ingredients come to the surface of the tyre and look like a rusty, brown coating - a process called "blooming." To clean your tyres, use ARMOR ALL® Tyre Foam. For a one-step cleaning that will leave your tyres black and shiny, just spray on ARMOR ALL® Tyre Foam and walk away. In minutes, your tyres will be back to black

Q: How can I protect my tyres from ozone?

A: ARMOR ALL® offers a few ways to keep your tyres protected and looking great. You can use ARMOR ALL® Tyre Foam to clean, shine and protect in one step, leaving a glossy shine that requires no wiping - just spray it on and walk away. Or, for one of the highest levels of shine available, use ARMOR ALL® Extreme Tyre Shine, which gives a long lasting, premium, wet-look shine without wiping.