Wax & Polish

Q: Why do I even need to protect the paint? Isn't it tough enough?

Posted: 5th September 2012

A: Definitely not! Your car’s paint is sort of like your skin – it’s tough, but it still needs help, which is why we have products like sunscreen and bandages. A crack in a car’s paint can allow moisture, salt, sand and cinders to erode the finish, eventually leading to rusting. Also, environmental elements cause car paint to oxidize and turn dull.

ARMOR ALL® High Performance Wax & Polish contains extreme endurance waxes including carnauba wax, which penetrate and bond with your car’s surface for a high shine and long lasting protection.

ARMOR ALL® Spray On Shine also protects and shines paint finishes similar to a wax. Just spray it on and wipe it off quickly and easily.

Q: How does ARMOR ALL® High Performance Wax & Polish enhance and deepen colour?

Posted: 5th September 2012

A: After completing its cleaning and polishing action residual polish is buffed away.

What is left is a thin layer of polymers and Carnauba wax. At this thickness these ingredients serve to add additional smoothness, improving paint reflectivity and depth of colour yet they are also ultra-clear and allow the true colour to shine through.

Q: Does a clear coat finish protect the paint forever?

Posted: 5th September 2012

A: While a clear coat slows the rate at which paint oxidizes, it does not completely stop it – which means you still need to protect the finish with ARMOR ALL® High Performance Wax & Polish, which is clear coat safe.

Q: How long will waxing last?

Posted: 5th September 2012

A: Wax durability depends on many factors. Primary among these is the local climate, heavy rain or dust, which all tend to wear down the wax film. Washing habits also affect wax with frequent washing speeding up wax breakdown. However, wax contains two leading durability ingredients that will protect your cars paintwork for many months. When your car’s paintwork becomes rough to touch and doesn’t bead water, its time to re-apply ARMOR ALL® High Performance Wax & Polish.