Wheels & Tyre Care

How to achieve a great shine on your tyres

Posted: 10th September 2012

ARMOR ALL® Extreme Tyre Shine gives your tyres high-gloss, long-lasting shine that keeps them looking like new longer. To achieve maximum shine, let stand for 15 minutes after first application, then repeat.

The best way to protect your wheels from brake dust

Posted: 10th September 2012

Prevent brake dust from bonding to and damaging your wheel surfaces by regular use of ARMOR ALL® Wheel Cleaner. Once clean, you can further enhance their appearance by drying them with a soft cloth to prevent spotting.

You cannot afford not to protect your tyres & wheels

Posted: 10th September 2012

A new set of tyres can be very costly. To protect your investment and keep your tyres from fading and cracking, apply ARMOR ALL® Protectant and ARMOR ALL® Wheel Cleaner every time you wash your car.